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12 September 2018

It's all that we are. All that we're made of.  Our new single "BIG LOVE" is out now ❤️ #BIGLOVEbep

12 September 2018's cover photo

Our new single "BIG LOVE" is out now


5 September 2018

Atom Bank hosted a lively debate on the role of AI across connected devices and how customers will control and trust data, amongst so many other things! There's more to come so watch this space, but here is some insight...

#AtomBank #future #ai

30 August 2018

Black Eyed Peas - "CONSTANT PART 1 & 2" OUT NOW

From Slick Rick to Black Eyed Peas, this Hip-Hop culture goes on & on & on... check the music video for our brand new single CONSTANT PART 1 & 2 here 👉